Being Successful and Selfish—I want to give more.

450px-Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svgMy goals have changed over time. If you ask me what is my life goal, the first thing comes to my mind is to change other people’s life. I want to help people become better people. I don’t really care about helping animals, although I love dogs and all sorts of cute little things. I don’t care about having a green environment, although I support all the green initiatives people have.

I love my job as a sales person. It is a perfect fit for my personality. I just wish there was a component of my job that could transform people’s life. I wish every copier that I sell, will help a lady become a better mom that enjoy her life. I wish every phone call that I make, will make a difference.

Am I hungry for money and success? Absolutely. That’s why I work my butt off.

Should I be pretty darn happy? Absolutely. I have a damn good job and I love the people in my company.

What’s missing? Why do I feel like my heart is hollow? Examining Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I think my self-actualization part is not fulfilled yet. Maybe it will come with time. Maybe I can go to school part-time and get my phD in education or get a master in counseling.Maybe I should start going to church and do volunteer work. Maybe I should give more in my romantic relationship; maybe I should work harder to make enough money to achieve all those ideas.

I really want to just quit being successful. But that is a lie. I know that my life evolves around my career. The second I quit being a career lady, I will feel depressed for being unsuccessful.

I remember in middle school, I told my mom that I want to help my friend with his English. My mom immediately said “No! You should focus on your own grades!” I think I learned being successful from her, but I also learned being selfish. Being selfish makes me unhappy. I am a very, very selfish person, and that’s exactly why I feel my heart is hollow.

I think my life goal is to become less selfish while being really successful.

Please help me help you. (2313)


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