How to do Sales Well and Feel Happy During the 1st 5 months—and 2 tips

Alright! I am about to share some of the improvements that I had at my job.

Background information: I joined the company 5 months ago as a recent grad with a degree in Marketing from James Madison University. My strength is having a hunter mentality and having the blood to become a damn-good sales person; My weakness is that I am disorganized and I  have the tendency to beat myself up.

After having some long conversations with my mom and dad (who are two naturally excellent sales reps and entrepreneurs). I believe that

-everything that I am learning from my job right now will benefit me in the long run

-the only way to succeed in any thing is to simply not give up

-be patient. trust yourself, and keep moving




There are only two tips that I would like to share with you in this article. I learned them in a hard way:

#1: Qualify your accounts/ contacts before anything GATEKEEPERS

I was given lots of objections by gatekeepers. Those objections can be overwhelming because you haven’t got a chance to speak with the real decision makers yet. My feelings were hurt when a lady said “I will get rid of her for you.” to her manager when I stopped by a company to introduce myself.

If you are also new to this sales thing, you might have had similar feelings.

My thoughts on that is that we need to qualify the person who throw us objections. If one gatekeeper told you that “we are not interested,” don’t try to sell the idea to the same person. There are many different things to do after hearing that “not interested” bomb:

-say “great! many of my clients were not interested neither. Would you give me a specific reason for me to understand why you won’t benefit from ____ ?”

-say “sounds like this topic does not fall under your responsibility. Help me out here.Would Brian or Linda work closer in the ____area?”

-say “sounds like topics like this are not Mr. Shaw’s priority at this moment. Help me out here. can I bring you coffee on Tuesday and give Mr. Shaw my business card in person?

#2; Stop Over Promising and Say Sorry I Can’t

I have said lots of “yes” to questions that I wasn’t sure of. The only result of saying that “yes’ was added stress and decreased credibility. The only way to success is to be 100% honest with your clients.

Just say “I am not 100% sure; I will find out for you and e-mail my answers to you tonight.”

one extra tip:

It is not just about the number of phone calls that you make everyday. It is about the time that you put in to each account. Sending e-mails/ letters/ non-sales materials, bringing coffee to receptionists/ writing Thank You notes/ giving other people referrals, and many other creative activities determine your call to appointments ratio. You have to treat your accounts like your babies when you develop them and educate them. It almost needs you to become a pretty good parent.

Those are some thoughts that I had today. More to come!

Here are some resources that I found and thought that would make you a little happier:

1. Sheryl Sandberg’s Ted Talk on woman in work force

2. A really good book for sales reps who want to challenge their clients: The Challengar Sale




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