How to become a successful B2B sales professional in the U.S.—a 21 year old Asian international student’s tip

I have been working for TML, A Xerox Company for almost 3 months now. I am not very good yet. I begin to feel a little upset because I am not seeing the result from my hard work yet. It is one of those things that you can work very hard and get nothing, and work very little and get a sale out of pure luck. I know that I love being in sales, and I acknowledge the fact that I am a little discouraged.

Tip #1:

Stop hating yourself.

I hate myself. I hate it when I mumble on the phone. I hate it when I feel like I am incredibly disorganized. I hate it when I can’t explain everything about our company well. I hate it when I work really hard towards uncertainty.

But guess what! I have to stop hating myself. It is not about me. People don’t have the obligation to be nice to a call from a stranger. People don’t have to give me what I want. Ultimately, it is between businesses, not between me and the receptionist.

Tip #2

Do something other than work

I can picture myself being very happy doing something simple. I can feel secure and proud at my weekend project, and I can feel being challenged and excited at my day job. Maybe I should go to school! Let’s freaking do it.


Tip #3

Expect Failures

I feel shame when I fail. I have to fail in order to grow. I have to be happy in order to do my job right. I don’t feel happy when I feel shame. Therefore, I should feel happy when I fail.

Tip #4

I can always quit. I can quit my job and watch netflix all day. But guess what, I don’t want to quit. I am learning so much from my company and I love the people here. I would be very bored if I am not learning and growing. I really want to do well at my job. I really want to go do school on the weekends and be happy. Let’s do both of them?

I feel better now. Going back to work:) (1617)


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