Random Notes and Thoughts: What has been happening with 2BHappy

I am pretty miserable in the winters. It is the time of the year when the windy city, Shanghai, reminds me that I need to gain more body fat to keep myself warm.

I haven’t written anything or produced anything for 2BHappy during the last two months. Finally, a trip to my grandma’s and a cup of honey ginger lemon tea helped me start writing again. On the trip back to Shanghai, it just occurred to me: why am I pursuing perfection while my biggest concern should be not having failed enough.

I was pretty burned out bringing the The Daring WayTM for Leaders workshop to Shanghai. I remember not being able to sleep until 3:00am worrying about the sign ups of the workshop. The whole thing was new to me. Our time was less than a month. Negotiating with the trainer, signing contract with her, promoting the course, problem solving….I was lucky to have some amazing individuals in my life who made it happen with me. Some have helped with the website page; some have helped securing a venue; some have helped me brain storm pricing & referral strategy; some have helped me with accounting, and some have come to the course as paying attendees. I am eternally grateful for those friends.

There were a few times in the process when the workshop almost didn’t happen. Magically, it all worked out at the end.

By the time the workshop took place successfully, my mind and body was exhuasted. In a few weeks, we successfully got enough people to sign up to the course. We have brought Annie, a certified The Daring Way TM trainer to facilitate the course in mainland China for the first time. It was an amazing experience. It was worth it spending long hours at coffee shops, setting up meetings with people, calling people, asking for advice, etc..

After that, my new job at Gallup began in November. I moved to a new place, which was an old Shanghai lane house that smelled. Within the same month, I moved again to a much better place, across the street from where my job is. I have got an brilliant Australian boss and a challenging position with lots of opportunities to help more people in China benefit from using strengths and talents each day. I am responsible for a business line where we certify elites to become StrengthsFinder coaches. Gallupstrengthscenter.com is the website where you can take the StregnthsFinder assessment and learn about your talents.

It was a pretty big transition. I am finally back on my feet with more creative energy to write, to produce, and to give.

What’s new? 2BHappy has interviewed a mysterious CEO and award winner. Little hint: his name starts with the letter F and he is French. I have had the privilege to interview this guy in his beautiful office by the bund on his experiences in Shanghai as an entrepreneur and creative genius. You might have guessed who he is already! The video is still warm and fresh. You will be able to watch it very soon.

If you think that you have an amazing story to tell, please message me and join 2BHappy’s interview series. Producing video interviews is a new initiative that 2BHappy has.

Alrighty! I hope that I have had you caught up on what is happening with 2BHappy. I love you all.



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