One of my favourite female comedian-controversial and always is-Cho

My friend told me a story today: 10 years ago, she was at an organization celebration in San Diego with her eldest son. It was a successful banquet with wine and laughter. The laughter decreased a little after a female comedian started her show on the stage. Her military jokes were so offensive and inappropriate given that majority of her audience was from military bases in San Diego. She was Booed and Booed until someone dragged her off the stage and replaced her by a band. That comedian was Margaret Cho,

Ten years later, Margaret Cho is one of the most famous female comedians in the entertainment industry.

I am jealous for the fact that she is fearless. She talks about races, gay rights, her personal issues, and her opinions for politics. She is not ashamed by herself, and she might not care if we feel the same way about her. I am not the biggest fan of her style, but I wish I could have her fearless spirit.

I have wanted to be a TV host since I was a child. I like the attention and the fact that it is not easy to be successful as a TV host. You have to be the best, and you have to have a thick skin that protects you from being hurt. You have to be brave enough to face the fact that the older you get, the stronger you must be in order to compete against the younger and cooler hosts. My dream job could be to host a traveling program which allows me to meet all kinds of people at various places.

I wish I could be as strong as Margaret Cho. Winter (2577)


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