Become Happier in Life: Jumping Out of The 3 Boxes in Your Head! Box #1: The Impotent Dick Box

shiyaoyu.comI have found that happiness comes from jumping out of the box.

What box? You may ask.

It is that invisible box that we put our head in every time we wake up. We breath, we feel, and we act/react in that box, which was built by cultural traditions, fears of unknowns, childhood memories, and the existing environment.

The way towards happiness is the way of acknowledging the existence of the box, embracing it, and jumping out of it every once a while.

To me, I have had all kinds of boxes. They are so heavy! I think they grew on my head like mushrooms.

Box #1: [The Impotent Dick Box.] 

Definition: when you constantly take viagra instead of considering leaving your unpleasant wife.

It implies situations where we get negative feedback from somebody important like our family members, our boss, or even our clients. We are so ashamed of our problems that our immediate thought is “how can I end my embarrassing situation quick?!” or “how can I fix my problems now?!”

life-advice-goa-styleI had that impotent dick problem at my previous job.

When I worked in technology sales, I lacked preparation and  assertiveness. Even though I was a hard worker, I suffered from my birth-defect of lacking preparation.

I tried to work on fixing those two weaknesses of mine but it was not effective! I read all the sales books in the market and attended seminars to improve but it didn’t work out.

Eventually, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue education in acting and improv. I was good at my classes and I felt natural to prepare and feel confident about things that I care about.

I was not built to feel passionate about selling technology products simply because I put people before everything. I feel much more rewarded when I use my people skills and creativity than my poor product knowledge. I just didn’t care about the industry as much as I was supposed to.

I took my fair share of viagra. I took online courses on our copier and software products; I spent hundreds of dollars on sales books and audio books; I worked longer hours. But my problems still exist. I felt so ashamed and, yes, impotent.

Success rarely comes from fixing problems, but rather, it comes from focusing on your zone of genius.

I decided to jump out of the box. During my cross-country road trip moving from Virginia to California, I gradually and clearly defined what I want in my next job. I need to work in a team environment where my main job responsibility is to interact with people and possibly transform people’s leadership/communication/happiness skills. I have the vision of having my own team building company that utilizes my passion in improv and facilitating. I also have the passion of hosting, reporting, writing, and coaching, etc, which I have been doing in my interviews with entrepreneurs.

Believe me, if you feel stuck in your current job, relationship, or living situation, it is because that you have that impotent dick box on. Find out why! Ask yourself what exactly is causing the trouble because your “dick” may actually work perfectly fine! You just need to leave your hideous wife and find somebody right!:D

I have 2 other boxes that I want to share with you to improve your life. Stay tuned! 

[Disclaimer: this article is not intended for medical advice seekers.:P]



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