Let’s start from here-Office of International Students as a Leader for Networking and Knowledge

 Listening to Let’s Start From Here by Joanna, I am prepared to write down my good mood for today. The sky is very blue in Harrisonburg, with the warmest sunshine spread on your high heel. You smile, spin in the chilly air, and stop. As if nothing really matters but this moment, this place, this time of your life.

You might have lost your pace and control; you might have forgotten the reason for which you come to JMU; you might be naïve, stupid, and annoying. But today is the day to catch up with your soul, to ask your heart if you are ready for another beautiful day. It is ok to be a little silly, a little naïve, and a little stupid. Let’s start from here to make a little bit improvement every day, especially today.

Let’s breathe in the air slowly, and imagine the air in your favorite color. Let’s close our eyes and lay down like a baby. Let’s pause our thinking for a second. Let’s accept any problems, pressure, or dissatisfaction from life, and accept yourself.
Think of something that would make you happy. For me, I am thinking of my job as a linker. It is my second year to be involved in the LINK Program. It has been a great experience. Our linkers are talented. Prince and Tam both nailed their cultural show performances. Weiwei is going to CSSA’s lantern festival tonight and sing. Pemela made everyone a little red heart for Valentine’s day. Jessie and Ray went to a conference in New York this weekend. Michelle just turned 20 last week. Ashley and Ahmed study hard for their school work. Pratik organized a basketball watching event last week. Thomas is active in participating in a lot of student organization cultural events. I gave a campus tour couple weeks ago, which was one of the best experience ever.
We are going to have our annual International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC) in March 22th and 23th. Check it out! This year our keynote speaker is from our own leadership center, the Dux Center. This is a fun conference about leadership, inspiration, friendship, connection, group activities, workshops, and a dance party. It is gonna be my third time to be a host in this conference. Say hi if you see me in the conference!:)

Have a great day… though I know you will!Back Camera (3086)


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