Life Advice from My Professional Selling Class Professor Steve

Today is the last day of this semester. At the end of the class, my professor Steve (Mr. Stephen Hertzenberg) from my Professional Selling class gave us some important advice for those students who are graduating. One of the advice is really good and I want to share with you.

It is “Don’t Compromise”. We laughed when he said that he “didn’t mean we should tell our roommate that I would not go to Cook Out with them.” What he meant was don’t compromise your integrity. He said that “there will be so many times that you have the option of choosing the easier way,” a way that could get you more money or fame. If you receive a luxuy car by compromising your integrety, two weeks later it is just a car. However, it will eat you up the rest of your life.

I really appreciate the fact that he spent his time telling u s that, along with many other good advice. I will think of him whenever I got to make a decision that has the risk of compromising my integrity. I know that Steve will be happy if I choose the right way. (3879)


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