We Have To Mentally Leave College First—-Yoky’s Job Searching Experience

images-1For two months, I didn’t put my full effort into finding a job, although I will graduate very soon. I applied to a lot of places through a lot of websites, but something didn’t feel quite right. I was in a mode where I applied for jobs because I knew that I had to, but not because I wanted to. Then I figured out why: my college experience has been such a safe nest for me that I subconsciously didn’t want to fly away.  I feel that I am more successful at JMU than at any other place; I have a strong network here; I have more fun here than I ever had before.

a1c1580310b6df981b88a0d9cff40ba61314914350ddd99df3660ad74502ce8fBut, Yoky, you have to leave. You can’t stay in your safe nest forever. You have to start all over again to shape yourself, to fit in and thrive in the real world. You have to start your career at the bottom of the food chain.

Be prepared to be a loser again;
be prepared to feel like you are not capable of doing anything;
be prepared to make mistakes and move on. 

That’s what I want to tell myself, and I think you will benefit from it too.

CinderellaBye bye JMU. You have been treating me like a princess. Now it’s time for me to become Cinderella again. It will be challenging, but that’s part of what makes it fun. 


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