I Decided to Create A Great Day Today!—-A Female Sales Professional’s New Day’s Resolution


I am sick and tired of being discouraged and concerned. I am tired of going home feeling like crap. I am tired of letting my job affect my self-esteem. I am tired of finding excuses and blaming my environment. I am tired of not taking control of my life.

Today is August 8th, 2014. I have been in sales for half a year. What do I want to get out of my job at the end of this year?

I want to be a true leader. I want to take control of my job and help my manager/VP of sales/ President/peers succeed. I want to help my clients succeed. I want to help more and more people benefit from what TML can offer.

I want to become stronger and more confident. I don’t want to let other people affect my self-esteem even when I made a mistake. I want to stay focused and positive.

I want to wake up everyday and know that I have the full responsibility of making a difference in myself or my clients/peers.

The things that are making me miserable in this job will not disappear if I quit doing what I do. If I quit, pretty soon I will become miserable again for the same type of issues.

I choose to be happy; I choose to be happy even when I look stupid. I choose to be positive even when I don’t feel like to. I choose to accept all my failures and weaknesses and live the way that I want to live. I choose to be able to feel sad/ ashamed/ quilt, but I also choose to get to choose. (1550)


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