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Shiyao "Yoky" Yu

Shiyao “Yoky” Yu


I was on the phone with my grandma at Starbucks at Carrier library at JMU. Jessie Rosati bumped into me and gave me a kiss on my head with a warm hug. My eyes got wet immediately because she knew that I had a hard night and she wanted to cheer me up. I’m totally glad that I took a shower that afternoon and washed my greasy hair clean.

One thing that I learnt is that as you grow up, the older you get, the more people you know begin to go to another world. In fact, two of my closest friend’s grandma/ grandpa passed away in the last two weeks. One of my boyfriend’s admired musician was diagnosed with cancer today.

Life is short, and you got to enjoy it even when it is hard. I am a senior at college taking 19 credits in a foreign country, trying to find a job under the strict visa policy with an accent. Currently something is wrong about my lease, which was the reason why that I had a relatively tough night.

So, just like you, I have a handful of things to complain about.

Or, we could decide to enjoy the challenges of life. Really, at the end of the day, it is on you weather you had a good day or a bad day. It is on you to be responsible for your happiness. You are in full control about yourself.

Just for the fact that you are still alive, while so many people leave this world everyday, you are a lucky person. You are capable of taking care of yourself; you can talk in at least one language (including sign language); you can look at things (with one/two eyes); you have someone who loves you (including strangers); you have at least one friend (including on Facebook); you have internet……while in any second, you might lose any one of those capabilities. You could have been in jail right now, like Chapman in Orange is the New Black; you could have got pregnant because of the misuse of a condom; you could have failed college or become bankrupt. But you are doing just fine, with challenges in your life.

I don’t have a lot of friends at college. I sorta spent all my time to get a 3.5 GPA and work/leadership experiences. I always felt so lonely when I was a freshman, sophomore, or even a junior. But as a senior, I am blessed that I have my linker friends with me. We work together and we all have similar core values for life. I am pretty insecure about myself(see my next post about my boobs) but I feel secure that I am loved and accepted among them.

So, I love my life, even with challenges.

I was writing part of this blog on a bus. A very friendly girl (slightly drunk) asked me “what do you think chill is?” Then she asked me what I was working on. I talked about this blog with her and told her why we should enjoy life. She was very friendly and asked for my website address I hope she had fun partying tonight. I got off the bus three stops late because I wanted her to read this post.

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