How To Hang Out With Your Dad—For Kids Who Studied Abroad and Went Back Home

dad-and-daughterI literally Googled ‘How to hang out with your dad’ today but I didn’t find what I was looking for. So, I decided to write about it to learn about it.

I am going back to China for the Chinese New Year from the U.S. next week. I am very excited to see my dad, my grandparents, and other people. I have only seen my dad for 2 days during the last 1 year and a half.

I imagine that he has become older. He may have grown more grey hair. He may be slimmer than before.

He still has the bad temper, even though he has been more open-minded than ever before.

I hope he really supports my ambition in the show hosting industry. I hope I can make enough money and buy him a decent gift. I know that a gift means nothing comparing to spending more time with him though.

father-daughterHe sounded so happy when I told him that I am moving back from the U.S.. He sounded a little upset on the phone when I told him that I was going to spend the Chinese New Year with my mom rather than him. They divorced a long time ago. He was a little upset because he was so confident that I was gonna spend it with him and his side of the family.

Well, dad, I love you and I know that you will understand.

I put together this ‘How to Hang Out With Your Dad’ for myself so that we will have a good time together.

#1: I will let you have the say, especially in front of other family members. I don’t need to prove anything to you any more. 

#2: I will show some respect to your little brother, who is the black sheep of the family. No promises though.

#3: I will still beg for pocket money from you for the Chinese New Year, just for a little bit to make you feel that I am still your little girl.

#4: I will stand up for myself when it comes to personal matters and career. I will hold my ground. 

#5: I really can’t think of any hobby that we have in common to do together. How about buying groceries and cleaning dishes?

#6: I need to remind myself to not spend too much time in front of my laptop. I know that you want to spend more time with me and you will never say so. 

#7: I will ask for your advice in important matters even when I got an answer already.

I can’t think of anything else. I miss you dad but I think it is too cheesy to tell you that.

So I wrote this article and hid it from you by writing it in English again.

Love you dad!



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