I Was Insecure about My Boobs—–Yoky’s “Cleavage Inflation” Theory

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I was totally insecure about my boobs, and in fact, I am still a little bit insecure. My cup size is 34B, and I wish I could have a slightly bigger cup (maybe not as big as the girl in the picture lol). There are a lot of other things that I feel insecure about: friendship, human, marriage, leg hair, smell of my mouth, color of my teeth, career, my English speaking ability, my Mandarin speaking ability, etc.

I want to write these blog posts because I KNOW that you are insecure about YOURSELF too! And there are millions of people share similar insecurities with us. But somehow we all choose to HIDE the insecurity from others. We want to appear to be the successful fancy rich sexy popular good-at-everything cool kids. Let’s call it Cleavage Inflation.

Our life seems like evolves around the things that we don’t have. As a slim Asian girl, I don’t have big boobs. For a while, I felt like I desperately needed a boob job done in order to be considered hot. I am jealous for caucasian girls’ bigger eyes and bigger boobs. I am jealous that some of them are so confident about themselves that they are a lot louder and expressive. To be frank, I still wish my eyes/boobs were bigger, but I begin to love myself too.

There are couple reasons why I didn’t have to worry about my boob size:

1. Guys think a B cup is big enough. 2. Boob size does not have a positive correlation with the quality of your relationship/ sex life. 3. You can still be smoking hot with a B cup. 4. The part above your neck is more important than the part below. 5. Nobody is thinking of your small boobs except yourself. 6. They are probably thinking of how nice you are as a person/ how bitchy you are as an asshole.

Boob jobs? F**K Boob jobs. Why in the world would you put stuff in your boobs just to make it look bigger?

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