Be a BLACKBIRD-but at the end I changed my theme into another one-the one you see

Blackbird by

Reason to choose
The reason why I chose blackbird is that it is very SEO friendly. It is eye catching because the colorful picture in the middle. I choose it also because website should be “scanable”. I love the simple but eye catching traits of this theme. I don’t feel get lost when I navigate through it, and it takes me within 2 seconds to see the full page of the website.


As a result of changing into a new theme, oneIMG_3465 thing changed. It is that I no longer see my blog post the second I go to my website. However I can easily find my most recent blog posts in a widget. I like it because i think it is not professional to show my blog post the second that someone type in my website address and hit enter. But I do want to add at least something visible to show the blogs because simply a widget might be hard to find them. I will consult with my Strategic Internet Marketing (MKTG 470) class professor Dr. Theresa B. Clarke at James Madison University to find a way to do that. The twitter widget disappeared which I am thinking about adding it back if I don’t find other better widgets. I am so curious about other widgets which I will explore on my own.

Be a blackbird

I inserted the picture on the right because it makes me think of a black bird flying in the blue sky. I find black bird to be unique, strong, and seeking for freedom. I could have changed the theme into something different that can transit seamlessly without making any changes, however, I love this theme and I won’t give up fixing problems. I would love to be the blackbird. (3133)


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