Adventure from my Strategic Internet Marketing class from James Madison University

This is the end of the semester, but this is just a beginning of my strategic internet marketing adventure.

Adventure of my Strategic Internet Marketing class

It is pleasing to see that as shown in the pie chart, around 70% of my visitors are returning visitors. Out of them, around 80% visitors are from the U.S., and around 15% of them are from China. I was surprised to see one person from Russia and One person from South Korea also visited my website even though my paid search campaigns only targeted the U.S. and China. The average visit duration is 00:04:54, which means that my website is attractive enough to hold my visitors for 3 minutes at least on average. 33

clicks were generated from my campaigns, in other word, my organic search engine optimization earned most of my clicks.

 Webmaster Tools

The basic function of this free tool is to help web

managers check indexing status make their website more visible. One of the tools is Sitemap, a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users.The purpose of checking your sitemap is to help the search engine easily identify, say, an update from your website. It save the search engine time, which means it contribute to search engine optimization.

adventure of my search engine marketing class MKTG470

adventure of my search engine marketing class MKTG470

Another tool you need to check out is Health. It reports your crawl errors, crawl stats, blocked URLs, Index status, etc. I personally found 7 errors on my report and I need to fix it. It is a great tool to detect your website’s health condition.

My takeaway from MKTG 470

One thing that I learned from this class by Dr. Clarke from JMU ( is that technology is not so hard. I am still amazed of how fast we learned building a website of our own, and using various tools to make the process more efficient and smooth. I appreciate how patient and encouraging my professor is.

My plan for this website after graduation

I love writing and sharing thoughts with others, so I will definitely want to keep this website. I want to frequently update my blog posts. What I already written include Why We Want to Think before We Judge, Social Media Marketing Tips for Comedy Clubs. (2318)


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