About the Strategic Internet Marketing at JMU-a class that I learned a lot from

As one of the course requirements, all students will be completing some of the assignments as blog posts.

The first step that I did was to install the SEO optimization tool. My purpose is to try to improve my organic search result, instead of using paid search.

The top three actions recommended by marketing.grader.com were

Top 3 Action Items
  1. Add more pages to your website containing unique and useful content, probably by blogging.
  2. Get more inbound links to your website.
  3. Get more people to tweet your content by making it more remarkable and/or making it easier to share.

Those are basically the same recommendations at the beginning of this semester. I did a good job with updating my website frequently, adding new content, and building links.

I got 34% in the crawler test website. My Social Media Mentions were rated Good; With the surge in social media usage, search engines are now integrating sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr metrics into their algorithms.

I got Poor for my incoming page links. The diagnosis is “This metrics totals the raw number of incoming links to your entire website. Not all links are created equal and many are devalued by search engines or through the use of the “nofollow” tag, but total link number serves as a good barometer for the trust of your website.”

If I would do it again in the future, I would pay more attention to link building. According my Dr, Clarke, “link Popularity refers to the number of QUALITY third-party links pointing to your website (that a search engine sees)”

I love SEO and I would love to do it again!




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